Inter, it’s radio silence. The fans are waiting for the most important answer

Who knows if in other circumstances Beppe Marotta, historically attentive to cultivating relationships with the press, also out of respect for the role that has roots in ancient football, would have avoided journalists in the same way, having had two opportunities by return post. Complementing his extraordinary season in the league, theInter began the long process of just and deserved rewards. The Gentleman arrived the other day, yesterday the awarding of the Ambrogino d’Oro by the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala.

On both occasions, apart from the inevitable statements from the stage, Marotta preferred to avoid making any others. Not so sensational on the occasion of the Gentleman, where Inter also “brought” Davide Frattesi in front of the microphones of the reporters present. Definitely more so at Palazzo Marino, due to the preciousness of the context and the prize, as well as its exceptional nature: it had not been awarded to a sports club since 1985 – the only precedent – and in that case its social commitment was celebrated, moreover plus Sala’s choice broke the recent practice of waiting until December 7 to award the prizes each year. In short, it would have been reasonable to expect a comment and instead nothing.

Because under normal circumstances, at the moment, Inter is not. The deadlines for repaying the loan to Oaktree have essentially expired: it will happen on the 20th, but can operations like this close in two days? Sala’s speech, which pronounced Suning’s least favorite word, “self-management”, was paired with that of Marotta, who thanked the absent Zhang for what he has done over the years. From a couple of words we don’t deduce the end of an era, mind you, but the fans’ question – what will happen to Inter from May 21st? – currently remains unanswered.