Genoa, Gilardino: “With Roma with awareness. The signature? Don’t worry, it will come”

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12.20 – Last away match for Genoa. After the home success against Sassuolo, the rossoblù will take to the field against Roma. In view of the match at the Olimpico, the coach Alberto Gilardino will speak at a press conference from the “Gianluca Signorini” sports center in Pegli. Follow the live text on

12.43 – Alberto Gilardino’s press conference begins.

How are the four players who were reported to be improving?
“We have partially recovered Bani, Vitinha and Malinovskyi. As for Messias, he will not be part of the match. I say in part because they have been training with the team for a short time, I will bring them to the bench because it is right that they are with the team. Let’s see if one of the three, or two of the three will be able to enter tomorrow or in the last race of the season. We hope that Junior will be able to return from next week.”

What game will it be tomorrow?
“Tomorrow is a match with a high level of difficulty because we are playing the Champions League, with a European dimension with quality players with technical depth. This is what we have prepared and told the team: we owe every energy we have at this moment bring on the pitch to finish in the best possible way because the boys deserve it.”

TMW – You will find De Rossi on the bench again: did you expect such an impact at Roma?
“I’m happy to meet Daniele. I’m happy for the path he’s on and it’s never a given. It’s not easy to impose yourself on a technical and tactical level, especially on a human level. He’s given important stimuli. I’m happy with his path and he’ll be happy to find it.”

TMW – What will you ask your parents?
“There has been a great maturation process that week after week we have managed to consolidate in what we want to bring to every match. We know the difficulties we may have but we must have that awareness when we have the ball at our feet to play the match” .

Strootman spoke very highly of you. Did you talk to him?
“Kevin plays tomorrow. I spoke with him. I think it’s the right ending for an incredible player, for the exemplary professional he has been throughout his career. Players like that are difficult to find. It’s right that he takes responsibility tomorrow to play in his old stadium, against his former team and have a great match.”

Will it be signing week?
“Yes, don’t worry. The signature will arrive. Let’s think about tomorrow’s match. I won’t hold back, don’t worry (laughs ed.). In a few days, tomorrow or Monday, the signature will arrive.”

Have you already thought about the team of the future?
“We start from a base, compared to last season’s retreat, of a consolidated group. I speak with the club and the sporting director, we will have to intervene where there are opportunities for improvement at a tactical and technical but above all human level. We must think about starting again after these two matches bringing us all the good things we have done but above all reminding us of what we have done to achieve these objectives. The good thing is to start again, have stimuli, have enthusiasm, have a group to train and coach Genoa.”

How important will it be to have a hard core for next season?
“Fundamental. To provide continuity of work and improvements.”