Galeone: “It’s unfair to dismiss Allegri but he gains from it. Reaction triggered by something serious”

“The exemption is an injustice but at this point it’s better this way”: this is how the interview begins Giovanni Galeonethe pygmalion of Massimiliano Allegri. Interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sportthe former coach of Pescara among others, commented on the news of Allegri’s dismissal by the Juventus: “If Max and Giuntoli don’t get along, it’s better to separate. I’ve known Max for years: if he blurted out like that the other evening, there must have been something serious that triggered his reaction. Not to mention that the penalty not given to Vlahovic was impossible not to award… One thing is certain: the team in the Italian Cup proved that it is with Max.”

“This farewell is more painful” than the first, according to Galeone, who defends the coach’s actions: “His only fault is that of having done too well in the first round, creating illusions and external expectations. To Max yes can only blame the second round which however did not compromise the objectives.” And the future? According to Galeone, Bayern Munich could be an option: “Max would be ideal to guide all those talents and bring the Bavarian club back to success.”