Fiorentina doesn’t take advantage of the match point but keeps Napoli at a distance. Everyone’s head in Athens

Fiorentina does not take advantage of the match point at their disposal but the final 2-2 against Napoli still keeps the Campania team at a safe distance and, without a final victory for Torino, it allows the Viola to be able to project themselves towards (at least) the next Conference League by obtaining at least 2 points in the remaining matches between Cagliari and recovery with Atalanta or the Neapolitans’ failure to win in their last match of the championship .

It almost seemed like a dress rehearsal of anti-Olympiacos training (the opponent on May 29th against whom Fiorentina will play the Conference League final) the one staged by Italiano at Franchi. The positive aspect is certainly Biraghi’s return to scoring and the new positive test offered by Nzola, who could really represent a concrete alternative to Belotti in the event that the latter does not reach his best.

In short, at Fiorentina everyone’s minds until May 29th will only be on the final in Athens. Even Italiano often quoted it after the match: “To get the ball out better we must not make errors in dribbling. And instead with those we allowed Kvara and Anguissa to intercept us and restart: in a final it must not happen, we must not make mistakes or expose the flank. However, we will have several days to prepare the strategy against Olympiacos, a team that is waiting for your mistake to hurt us.”