Fiorentina, anti-Olympiacos training tests done. Two question marks towards Athens

Fiorentina’s anti-Olympiacos dress rehearsal was held last night at the Franchiin the match against Napoli which officially opened the 37th matchday of Serie A. The eleven fielded by the Italian, in his head, is largely the one that on 29 May in Athens will have to try to win the Conference final and give thus to the Florence of football, in addition to access to the next Europa League, the possibility of bringing home a trophy that has been missing for 23 years now.

There are two big question marks, linked mostly to the physical condition of the protagonists. In fact, the uncertainty of a form undermined by recent problems hangs over Belotti and Bonaventura. There are many doubts especially about the midfield veteran, potentially playing his last home game as a Fiorentina player: in the last month he has only played three games (all of them yesterday, with Bruges almost in the first leg and a substitution in Verona). His contract expires in June and there is a meeting on the agenda at the end of the season to try to renew it, but at the end of the match he gave the impression of pausing more than the others to greet whoever he could, first the curve. On the other hand, the shadow of a Nzola also hangs over Gallo, who seems to have truly found himself when everyone least expected it.

And then there’s a third runoff in sight, in the heart of the defense. Last night it was the turn of Milenkovic and Martinez Quarta, the widespread opinion is that this will be the pair of centre-backs in Athens too, with Ranieri having lost ground in recent weeks. Few chances for Kayode and Parisi to overthrow Dodo and Biraghi in the lanes, in midfield whether Arthur is well is not in question, while in the attacking midfield the choices are limited and see Gonzalez, Beltran and Kouame clearly ahead. How do you say? There are still more than ten days to go and first there is Cagliari, right. But in Florence, first Italian, everyone has their mind on Greece.