Draw Fiorentina, Pradè: “Now Cagliari and then the most important match of the season”

Daniele Pradèsporting director of Fiorentina, spoke to the official channels like this after the draw with Napoli (2-2) at the Franchi: “Fair draw. It’s a shame because at the end of the first half there were the conditions to be able to win it, then there was Kvara’s ballistic prowess as well as Biraghi’s. At that point we could have won but we could also have lost so that’s fine: one point and we’re close to the Conference goal. Now we have a great match ahead of us in Cagliari huge goal in the head. It was one of the matches that you risk losing but the boys always put everything on the pitch and this is the thing that interests us the most. If they had told me at the start that it would end like this I would have been happy play and express, the crowd draws you in and playing here is difficult for everyone. Now we have Cagliari and then the most important match of the season.”

The Curva Fiesole party?
“For them it was a special match because after so many years they are leaving the corner where they grew up. The banner was beautiful. It will be very, very penalizing for us.”

The Conference League final?
“We don’t even have to prepare ourselves in concentration. We also have the experience of the previous year, now the only satisfaction is the victory.”