Bocelli: “Inter, Inzaghi very good at forming a team. At San Siro I would have sungNessun Dorma”

He won’t perform at San Siro on Sunday, but Andrea Bocellifamously a fan ofInter, enjoyed a triumphal ride. Interviewed by SportWeekthe singer has no difficulty identifying the thing he liked the most: “The locker room. Inzaghi managed to create a group of guys who want to stay together and help each other, because football is a team game and in this sense the ‘Inter could be an example for everyone. Football, like life, works well if you collaborate; if enmities or small envies arise, you may be full of talent but you won’t get anywhere.”

Is there a player you would never do without?
“It’s difficult to say, they all played very well. There was the new Thuram and the extraordinary year of Lautaro, but everyone gave their contribution even while on the bench, trying to give energy, confidence and enthusiasm to the others.”

If he had been at the party, what would he have sung?
“Probably Puccini’s aria, “Nessun dorma”, which ends with the famous “Vincerò vincerò”… It could have been a viaticum for the championship to come and for the Champions League”.

Your favorite technician?
“Now I can only say Inzaghi, but I also thanked Conte when he led us to win the championship. A few years ago Inter stopped suffering, after so much suffering we have recovered a bit.”