Atalanta, the big teams move for Koopmeiners. Absent in Lecce, he seeks revenge with Bayer

Maybe something was missing, that centimeter needed to make a difference. An exception that confirms the rule in a crazy season, played at the rate of one match every three days: against Juventus there was a lack of reaction, but above all there was a lack of defensive play Teun Koopmeiners, tipping the scales on the Atalanta midfield throughout the entire championship. The Dutch, after the subpar performance three days agowill not be present in Lecce due to the disqualification: therefore only Dublin is in the sights.

Right against the Germans RoboKoop he will have to find the necessary inspiration to be able to undermine defenses, but above all assists and goals: 12 goals in the league in 32 games, only the European goal with the team shirt is missing Goddess to crown a quality season in which the former Az managed to significantly raise the bar. It goes without saying that next Wednesday could be the right opportunity to wipe out the final at the Olimpico.

Market and auctions
We will therefore need the solo, the necessary flash to find the right idea. Then we will think about the market and the future: Koop remains the most attractive player on the market, but they will be needed at least 60 million euros to convince Atalanta to sit at the negotiating table. Last year 48 million euros from Napoli were rejected, this year Juventus is thinking of a formula to convince the Dutchman, in order to rebuild the most targeted department of the Juventus season: the perfidious Albion, however, risks ruining the plans, with Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United which could trigger a very rich auction. In the meantime, Koopmeiners thinks about the present and the desire for redemption. And on the calendar there is only a red circle, the one drawn around May 22nd.