Atalanta-Fiorentina at the end of the championship, Tudor: “It’s not normal, it depends on regularity”

“We’ve already talked about it, it’s definitely not a normal thing.” The theme of the Serie A calendar, with Atalanta-Fiorentina which will have to be resumed on 2 June, after the end of the championship, also remains the protagonist in the press conference of Igor Tudor on the eve of Inter-Lazio: “We have to wait a week to understand what will happen, it’s not about giving anyone an advantage but about the regularity of the championship. It’s not good for anyone and I think we need to improve on this.”

Lazio is labeled as a team that only wins with small teams, can Lazio also do well against an opponent like Inter?“After ten days, wrong labels are already being made, we played two matches against Juventus and Roma, then away against Genoa and Monza, then three medium-low ranking teams. This analysis on the difficulty of the matches played is wrong, we played four matches with big teams, two medium-level matches and three small ones. Genoa and Monza away from home are two super difficult matches and look at the points the others scored. They were quite tough matches, for tomorrow the match will be prepared in the same way whether you face Verona or Empoli at home, or whether you face Juventus or Inter away from home. There are no labels, no thoughts or calculations, it’s the football of opinions and chatter.”

How are Gila and Guendouzi?“They are both fine, Matteo had this wonderful thing about becoming a father and trained little during the week. Let’s try to make the right choices today, tomorrow we will have to do things well, we will need 16 players ready to leave their souls in field to bring home points.”

Tudor’s press conference