Amoruso: “Allegri? Dirty clothes are washed at home, now bet on Motta”

TMW Radio

The former Juventus player, Nicola Amorusocommented on the dismissal of Massimiliano Allegri in an intervention a TMW Radio.

What did you think when you saw Allegri getting angry like that after the Atalanta-Juve match?
“I was at the Olimpico and I thought it was a continuation of the protest on the pitch. Immediately afterwards we understood the gravity of the situation and I immediately thought of a possible immediate dismissal. Dirty laundry should be washed in the family and not in front of everyone: the protest was too loud.”

Should Juve have communicated their decision to Allegri earlier?
“He, having returned to Juve, had full powers, with things having changed significantly, with the decision to take Giuntoli. I think it’s right that everyone respects their roles. We are not in the Premier League, where the coach is also the manager. I think the problem was the perception of having lost power. Then the results did not arrive, so a company has both the right and the duty to make its choices. It’s true that the Italian Cup was won, but Juve comes from a very particular season. We can’t put all the blame on Allegri, but it ended a bit badly, nothing to say.”

Thiago Motta now?
“I believe he will arrive. It must be said that it is a good bet. He did very well with Bologna, he has great personality and great ideas, which however will have to be applied in a completely different environment. As a former and Juventus fan I hope that everything goes well.”