Allegri, the Italian Cup is the last joy before saying goodbye for the second time

The story between Juventus and Massimiliano Allegri began on 16 July 2014. The Juventus people, still in shock from the unexpected farewell of Antonio Conte, had welcomed the Livorno coach with great skepticism and with the fans waiting for him at the Vinovo sports centre. It was definitely not love at first sight, but Allegri won 5 championships, 5 Italian Cups and 2 Italian Super Cups in black and white. These trophies will place him forever in the history of Juventus. Football always forgets too quickly, but for the second time the coach from Livorno leaves the Bianconeri in the only way possible for him: as a winner.

Allegri from the triumphs in Italy to the two Champions League finals.
Conte, a few days before his farewell, said: “When you sit in a restaurant where you pay one hundred euros, you can’t think of eating with ten”. Allegri didn’t have the slightest doubt, he took over from the Salento coach and managed to enter that 100 euro restaurant and have his Juve sit at the grown-ups’ table, in Berlin, in the Champions League final against Barcelona. In the following season the coach from Livorno managed to confirm himself by winning the scudetto 5 days early, with a Juventus orphaned of Vidal, Pirlo and Tevez and creating a historic comeback against Roma. Allegri repeated himself in the following three seasons, creating an indissoluble bond between him, the square and president Andrea Agnelli. In an almost unbeaten run in Italian competitions, Max’s second European disappointment came in the Champions League final in Cardiff against Real Madrid. A defeat that made the big-eared competition a real obsession for everyone, including him. Cristiano Ronaldo landed in Turin with just one goal: to bring the Champions League back to black and white, but Allegri’s Juventus, after an epic comeback in the round of 16 against Atletico Madrid, were eliminated in the quarter-finals by the surprise Ajax. This enormous disappointment for the entire environment put an end to his first adventure in black and white.

That refusal to Real for the Old Lady. Now the last farewell as a winner.
Andrea Agnelli, in June 2021, decided to recall Massimiliano Allegri to entrust him with the most difficult task: rebuilding a Juve at the end of the cycle and with empty coffers. The call of the Old Lady was too strong for Max, so much so that he first rejected Real Madrid and then Inter. Allegri’s return to the Bianconeri, however, proved to be more difficult than expected and after Cr7’s farewell at the end of August, the team did not live up to his expectations and not even the purchase of Vlahovic was able to allow the Bianconeri to fight for the Scudetto. In the first year of the Allegri bis, Juve finished fourth. The following summer, players of the caliber of Bremer, Di Maria, Pogba and Paredes arrived at the court of the Old Lady, but after initial difficulties and a humiliating 2-0 defeat against Maccabi Haifa, the Prisma investigation also arrived to revolutionize the society. Agnelli resigned with the entire board of directors and Max found himself alone in the most difficult storm to face since Calciopoli. In the current season, however, Allegri is leading a young group to an amazing first round, which was abruptly interrupted in January with a series of negative results that are difficult to explain. A relationship with Giuntoli never took off and, perhaps, definitively broken by the misunderstandings that occurred after the winter transfer window which led to this inevitable farewell. First, however, Allegri wanted to give, together with his boys, the fifteenth Italian Cup: the last joy before saying goodbye for the second time. Even on this occasion, however, the caress on a difficult day came from “his” president Andrea Agnelli who on X chose to dedicate a thought to him: “An extraordinarily unique mix: pride and humanity that continually merge during a ten-year journey. Thanks Max, thanks to you who represented being Juventus with every cell of yours. Until the end…”.