Allegri sacked, Condò: “Today the era of Andrea Agnelli at Juve officially ended”

Now it’s official: Massimiliano Allegri is no longer the Juventus coach. The Juventus club itself communicated the coach’s dismissal with a statement on its website: “Juventus announces that it has relieved Massimiliano Allegri from the role of coach of the men’s first team. The dismissal follows certain behaviors exhibited during and after the Italian Cup final which the club deemed incompatible with the values ​​of Juventus and with the behavior that those who represent it must have. A period of collaboration, which began in 2014, started in 2021 and ended after the last 3 seasons, comes to an end. together with the Italian Cup Final. The club wishes Massimiliano Allegri good luck for his future projects.”

Paolo Condò he commented like this live on Sky Sports Allegri’s dismissal: “Today the Andrea Agnelli era at Juventus officially ended, given that Allegri had returned to Juve at his request. It was clear that Giuntoli and Allegri would have difficulty living together, they are not made to appreciate each other. Max’s explosion is proof of how much frustration he has accumulated over the last few months. There are few examples in football of successful returns like that of Lippi in black and white. I consider them ‘heated soups’ season during their returns to Milan, their time had passed”.