Allegri didn’t have to end like this. Now we will discover Giuntoli’s Juventus. And soon Max will return to winning ways with another club

Juventus’ decision to sack Max Allegri a few days before the end of the championship was inevitable. We imagine it is very painful for the Juventus club but inevitable. The Livorno coach basically went out on his own with some attitudes in the final minutes of the match against Atalanta that left everyone stunned. And which cannot be explained or justified with the stress of the final. We are talking about a coach who has won a lot and who has demonstrated that he knows how to live, sometimes with the help of a bit of healthy Tuscan irony, even more fiery moments.
It’s true that Allegri had been under pressure for some time. But in his role and in his salary there are also obligations that go beyond results. Which, we would like to underline, are perfectly in line with what were the objectives of the Juventus club last summer. Max had to bring Juve back to the Champions League and he succeeded and won the Italian Cup which will not ignite the imagination of the Juventus people but which is always “a title” as his colleague Mourinho would say. Not all the big clubs will be able to sew a medal to their chest at the end of the year.
The other side of this sad story involves Giuntoli. Allegri himself reiterated that the director had postponed the meeting to talk about the future until the end of the season. An unassailable logic. Not only that, in the moments in which his coach was in difficulty he defended him publicly to allow him to always have great strength within the group. Of course, Giuntoli couldn’t extend his contract before the end of the season. There was no reason. Also because the director, adding his thoughts to those of the vast majority of the Juventus people, had the strong feeling that a cycle had closed.

That the Juve of the future should embrace a new technical project capable of giving new motivation to the team. And, ultimately, also to the fans themselves.
Having closed a non-Juve chapter, it is now right to project ourselves into the future. The Juventus team of the future will be Giuntoli’s Juventus. Who took a year to understand his new world and who now has the right information to start taking action. Let’s make it clear right away, the economic philosophy of the Juventus club is no longer what it used to be. We are not sailing on gold and there must be an increasingly attentive eye on the balance sheet. But the money from the Champions League and the Club World Cup should give Giuntoli the right economic potential to enrich the squad. To start a new course. Who will be on the bench? It’s no secret that Thiago Motta is liked. But the Juve director wants to evaluate everything calmly. The choice of the coach is a fundamental stone of the project. Don’t get it wrong. And we will also anxiously await Allegri’s return to the bench. Once the moment of disappointment has passed, he will be the first to consider the divorce as a small liberation. Max still has a lot to win.