A rude awakening: Sampdoria loses at the best moment and ex Mignani extinguishes Pirlo’s dreams

Thus ends Sampdoria’s playoff adventure. Probably even before actually starting. Andrea Pirlo’s team bids farewell to the promotion play-offs after the defeat of Palermo. In a “Barbera” packed and overflowing with passion, the Blucerchiati made an impact by offering a performance below expectations. A bitter taste remains in the mouth of those who have crossed the country to follow the team, protagonist of a fluctuating championship but which in the last two months has been able to accelerate by making an important comeback which has led Depaoli and his teammates to play each other, albeit away due to the two penalty points due to the previous management (it must be remembered), what the coach himself defined as “a dream”.

The former Mignani extinguishes his promotion dreams
And so it was Michele Mignani, born in Genoa in 1972, who continued to dream on the pitch at the end of the match in Lecce with Bosco’s team which would then win its historic championship in May 1991. This time the Rosanero coach takes on the role of “killjoy” and with an almost perfect performance he interrupts the path of his former team which thus awakens abruptly. “We will try in every way to dream of being able to return to Serie A” he had said the day before, adding that “courage, serenity and cold blood” would be needed on the pitch. Qualities that unfortunately were not seen with the team that appeared fearful and above all practically never in the game.

Pirlo’s disappointment
It started with the fans’ celebration, it ended with the disappointment of a team which, it must be remembered, was the protagonist of a great run-up with many problems related to injuries but which lost out at the best moment. “Now there is disappointment – Andrea Pirlo commented in the press room -. Seeing them cry in the locker room is truly heartbreaking. Furthermore, we have disappointed the people who were waiting for us in Genoa”. Now there is the certainty that it will be Serie B again next year. A category that is decidedly narrow for Sampdoria, due to its coat of arms and history.