“We might as well keep Pioli.” The coach responds to Massaro: “The reasoning is not correct”

In his press conference on the eve of the match against Torino, the Milan coach, Stefano Piolialso responded to the words of Daniele Massarowho stated that ‘if you have to take a coach who represents an unknown, you might as well keep Pioli’: “I don’t know if Massaro wanted to pay a compliment, but not the reasoning: ‘You might as well keep Pioli’. But: ‘It’s right to keep Pioli because…’.

Does this team have a future?
“You don’t have to ask me these questions. Giroud will play his last match, not tomorrow from the start: I hope he can reach 50 goals. The relationship I have created and had with the players is truly profound, which goes beyond of what we have done or not done… I can only be grateful and happy. I do this job here to get excited and I got excited here; this goes beyond any result, any criticism, any glory or benefit. For this I will always say thank you to my players.”

How does Allegri comment on the affair?
“It’s always difficult to judge from afar. Allegri has won a lot, he’s a great coach. We know that for the role we have we have to manage certain types of expectations and pressures. Then all the things in our environment are always exaggerated, the compliments like the criticism”.