Udinese, Cannavaro: “Pereyra is fundamental, but it’s not just him. Top attitude in Lecce”

In his press conference on the eve of the match against Empoli, the Udinese coach, Fabio Cannavarospoke about the importance of Roberto Pereyra in the Friulian team: “He is certainly a fundamental player for us, but like everyone else, I can’t concentrate just on one player. Surely they all have to be managed, on paper I see a lot of guys, but then I know that they have to be managed, I know what they can give me. In Lecce I liked everyone’s attitude, that of the attackers, the goalkeeper, the defenders, everyone, we are going to face a team, we will have to be just as much of a team.

Do the boys know that tomorrow if they don’t succeed there could be problems for Frosinone?
“Those who play sport know that they have to win, I don’t agree with thinking about the next one, we have to think about Empoli, concentrate on Empoli and do our things well, if we do that then we can think about the objective which is the three points If you think about what’s next, about the problems, then fear starts to set in, which doesn’t make you have a cool head which will be a fundamental factor on Sunday because a team arrives that by habit and wickedness is on par with us. Nicola is a coach used to these matches, they have the means to go and play away games and punish when things aren’t done well.”

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