Turin, Juric: “Many great games at home, but Milan have great champions”

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6.45pm – The victory in Verona still gave some small hopes for Europe, the Granata team try to fight until the end and want to greet their fans in the best possible way. For Ivan Juric the time has come for the last appearance at the Olimpico Grande Torino, barring sensational surprises. The coach will present the match against Milan, the press conference is scheduled to start at 7pm. Follow the live text on Tuttomercatoweb.com.

7.06pm – Juric’s press conference begins

What game will it be?
“There have always been good matches against Milan, only in the last one did we have a bad performance. I expect an intense match, they have champions and we will have to be careful”

Why do you do so well in the first half? The numbers say it
“There is a lot of concentration, our data is beautiful”

Are you satisfied with the home performances?
“A lot. We had many good matches, I’m thinking of the 3-0s against Napoli and Atalanta. And other times we played great football perhaps without getting results. We had very high peaks”

What was your best and worst in the house?
“I don’t have any, neither in one case nor the other. There were good matches, but I have to say no to a match that had a positive impact on me. And not even in a negative sense. There were matches played well, others a little ‘ less. But there are no matches that you say you will remember for your whole life.”