Turin, Juric: “Europe would be the icing on the cake. Good morning and Zapata? They want to be there”

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6.45pm – The victory in Verona still gave some small hopes for Europe, the Granata team try to fight until the end and want to greet their fans in the best possible way. For Ivan Juric the time has come for the last appearance at the Olimpico Grande Torino, barring sensational surprises. The coach will present the match against Milan, the press conference is scheduled to start at 7pm. Follow the live text on Tuttomercatoweb.com.

7.06pm – Juric’s press conference begins

What game will it be?
“There have always been good matches against Milan, only in the last one did we have a bad performance. I expect an intense match, they have champions and we will have to be careful”

Why do you do so well in the first half? The numbers say it
“There is a lot of concentration, our data is beautiful”

Are you satisfied with the home performances?
“A lot. We had many good matches, I’m thinking of the 3-0s against Napoli and Atalanta. And other times we played great football perhaps without getting results. We had very high peaks”

What was your best and worst in the house?
“I don’t have any, neither in one case nor the other. There were good matches, but I have to say no to a match that had a positive impact on me. And not even in a negative sense. There were matches played well, others a little ‘ less. But there are no matches that you say you will remember for your whole life.”

Do Savva, Pellegri and Dellavalle want to demonstrate?
“I expect the whole team to want to demonstrate. We had a good week, they want to amaze and do well with enthusiasm”

How are Buongiorno and Zapata?
“They want to be there at all costs, they have a great attachment. Zapata training yesterday and today, Good morning only today: tomorrow morning we will try all the solutions. As it stands today, they are both playing”

Would Europe give meaning to its three-year period?
“We were fighting to save ourselves, now we are on the left. It would be the icing, the top, and it would be a wonderful thing. We are close to Europe, it would be fantastic”

What environment do you expect tomorrow? It will be the first at home after the Superga chaos
“These guys have turned a bad situation around and I would like love and support, a nice positive environment, if it’s possible. Positive environments lead you to give more”

Injury situation?
“Zapata and Buongiorno seem good, I’ll bring Djidji to the bench who has started training with us”

Is there any regret for this probable farewell?
“It was tiring work, but I enjoyed it. There were great difficulties and we gave a game, we are the third best clean-sheet defense in Europe and we have never made the fans ashamed of us. It would give me a great pleasure to take this step, we have to go well but we are close: it would be fantastic”

How come divorce happens?
“I’m not that ambitious, I’m sick, Taurus is right for me. Certain conditions have to happen in which you feel at your best and give your best. It’s a nice job but also stressful, you have to have energy. And at that moment I don’t have it heard. Now I want to finish strong, we are one point away from Napoli and we can achieve something that seemed difficult.

What do you expect from the fans?
“In three years we have done wonderful things thinking about where we were. We have built a group of players who represent the technical and economic future. There are some who were considered failures and instead have shown that they can succeed. Then Buongiorno, Gineitis and others who they are growing, so it’s a fantastic three-year period with a great job. I would like us all to understand that these guys did something stupid but they gave everything. We have always been competitive, being on the left in the rankings was not a given. Beyond what happened, which is a bad thing, I hope there is recognition for the many who will play their last game here.”

What is the value of Taurus to start from? And what is the part that you failed to improve?
“The team has always been competitive, without ever being soft and we hope that doesn’t happen in the last two games. We have to force our boys, invest more and maybe even take the goals from Monza with Gineitis’ error, but aiming to create the our players. The negative thing is the split, we are on the left in the standings and you ask me if there will be boos. There should be joy, but instead we are left with different views. And I’m sorry about this. With a different union, four or five more could have be there”

Bellanova is in decline a bit: does Empoli’s mistake have anything to do with it?
“Last year he played nothing, now he pushed hard and found himself in a positive situation and was going full speed. We notice his lack of energy, the last two games are missing and I want to see my Raoul. He earned the National team and now he can make a difference again. It’s not Empoli’s mistake, it’s a physiological decline.”

Can Ricci and Ilic take a few more risks?
“The matches are all difficult, you play more and more man-to-man and sometimes if you are not dynamic in your movements and freshness you tend to play laterally. For part of the match we did this, then we turned in Verona and the two of them were good and decisive”

Pellegri scored, can he start with Zapata?
“Yes. He scored a great goal and a great performance, I would like to do it again”

How does Lovato see it?
“He did well, I liked it even though he had suffered all sorts of things during the week. He had great mental stability, tomorrow we’ll see: the substitutions will also be decisive, whoever comes in must do so with the right attitude. The flaw in these years is It was the leap in quality of those who entered, while in Verona everyone entered with a crazy desire”