Tuchel bids farewell to Bayern Munich: “There were negotiations, but the February agreement remains”

“This is the last press conference at Säbener Straße (Bayern Munich’s training centre, ed.). The February agreement remains. There have been other discussions, but we have not reached an agreement.” As Thomas Tuchel today in a press conference he made his farewell to Bayern Munich definitively official at the end of the season.

Last February the Bavarian club had already announced its farewell at the end of the season: “FC Bayern Munich and coach Thomas Tuchel have jointly decided to end their employment relationship, originally scheduled until 30 June 2025, on 30 June 2024. This is the result of a constructive discussion between CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen and Thomas Tuchel.” But in recent weeks there has been speculation of an about-face. And there had been, because a negotiation for his stay had been reopened. But the decision has not changed. Tuchel himself revealed everything in the conference:

“It’s not about pride, ego or being the winner. It’s about living your work with all your passion. I believe we always leave our mark and that happened here too. Timing is always crucial. We consciously chose the Bayern Munich. It was a quick and emotional decision. The managers who convinced us are now no longer there. To go to a club like this and think that there is only sun and shallow water would be very naive a little seasick. The decision was made in February.

Last week there was only the theoretical possibility of reversing, because there was this initiative from the club. The reasons why we had to separate are minimal. That’s how it is and it’s a good thing. By February it was clear to all of us that the chapter was closed. And then there was a very, very eventful week: last week. The negotiations began on Thursday, after the match against Real Madrid, and lasted until yesterday. But the February agreement remains. There have been discussions, but we have not reached an agreement.”