The probable lineups for Monza-Frosinone: Mazzitelli knocked out, Brescianini lowered to the midfield

These are the probable lineups for the match:

▪ Monza-Frosinone – Sunday, 3.00 pm, U-Power Stadium
▪ Referee Michael Fabbri, from the Ravenna section
▪ Ranking: Monza 45 points, Frosinone 32 points
▪ Live TV by DAZN

How Monza arrives
For the last home match of the season against Frosinone, Monza coach Raffaele Palladino will play with the 4-2-3-1. In defense in front of goalkeeper Di Gregorio on the wings there will be Birindelli and Carboni, in the center Izzo and Pablo Marì. In the middle of the pitch Gagliardini will be supported by Bondo while in support of Djuric there will be Colpani, Pessina and Zerbin.

How Frosinone arrives
For the match against Monza among the yellow and blue ranks there are doubts about the formation linked above all to the physical conditions of some members of the squad. While Cerofolini will still be between the posts, the presence of Romagnoli in defense remains a puzzle as he only partially carried out some work with the group yesterday. Bonifazi number one candidate to join Lirola and Okoli. Zortea and Valeri on the wings with Barrenechea who will return to the control room after last week’s disqualification. Mazzitelli will not be there so Brescianini will be lowered to the midline. Soulé and one between Harroui and Reinier supporting Cheddira, with a clear advantage over Cuni and Kaio Jorge. The possibility of seeing Gelli from the 1st minute alongside Barrenechea with Brescianini on the forward line cannot be totally ruled out.