Strootman on Gudmundsson: “If he makes the leap like Salah, he can go to a super top club”

Kevin StrootmanGenoa midfielder, spoke to the microphones of Radio TV Serie A focusing, among other things, on his teammate Alfred Gudmundssonone of the most talked about footballers on the market: “I said that in Rome Salah didn’t always score goals, despite arriving 4-5 times in front of goal. In the end someone said: if he always scored goals he would be someone from Real Madrid or Liverpool. And in the end He went there. If Gud even makes this leap, in my opinion he will be able to go to a super top club. He must do it in order to become a champion, because his quality is already indisputable. He is a great professional and I am sure he will do it again better in the coming years.”

On Retegui: “I always tell him to win and bring the Cup to Italy at the next European Championship. He is ready. In front of the goal with both feet he is devastating. In the last match for the national team he scored a brace, he is always dangerous and, even when he doesn’t he plays very well, he can always make an impact and he’s a good guy.

On Spalletti. “I confirm that tactically he is a genius, compared to five years ago he has improved even further. I’m sorry that I didn’t win with him, but he really gives you a lot. He demonstrated all his value in Naples and I hope for Italy that he can do so also with your national team. He is undoubtedly the right coach.”

On fellow countrymen. “Koopmeiners and Zirkzee are doing very well. Atalanta and Bologna are teams to be treated with great respect. I read that many top clubs would like them, they will also have their ambitions. They are players with extra quality and I hope they will show it at the European Championship too .I think after that they can only choose where to go, I’m sure they are ready for a big leap.”