Pisa, still no ‘break lines’: the team will train again next week

Despite the salvation achieved and the season ended at Pisa, the classic ‘break ranks’ has not yet arrived and will not arrive before the end of May. In fact, today, as communicated by the club in a note, the team carried out its last weekly training session in San Piero a Grado and will now have two days of rest before the restart.

In fact, next Monday the Nerazzurri players will return to the Training Center for another week of training under the guidance of Alberto Aquilanieven if they will be sessions at an obviously gentle pace and aimed more at physical work at least for another week as he underlines Calciopisa.it.

All while waiting for the meeting between the club and the coach to outline the point of the season and above all talk about the future given the rumors that the former midfielder is in Fiorentina’s sights for the post-Italian season. Pisa wants to know what Aquilani’s intentions are to understand whether he will be able to plan the future with him or will have to look for a new coach in view of next season.