Palermo-Sampdoria, the report cards: Diakité decisive. Ghilardi a wall

Relive the live: Palermo-Sampdoria 2-0

Desplanches 6 – In the first half he was never worried, he easily blocked two balls and didn’t risk too much.

Graves 6.5 – Good management both in the possession phase and in the non-possession phase, often moving forward trying to start the action.

Lucioni 6.5 – Always present, De Luca and Esposito are always closed in a masterly manner. Also watch out for crosses from the left.

Ceccaroni 6 – His game was unlucky, he committed a foul but he was the one who had to leave the pitch early. (From 20′ Marconi 6.5 – He enters the race well and is clean on every intervention).

Diakité 7.5 – He starts very well, often appearing on the right paired with Insigne. He unlocks the match in a very important phase with a goal as an attacker, he doubles as a pure center forward. Decisive.

Secrets 6 – He manages the various balls that come to him in a fluid manner, he never risks the play but at the same time he is not in danger.

Frog 6.5 – He often tries to start the action, Palermo often starts on the counterattack with him and you can see the quality of his plays. (From 78′ Henderson SV ).

Lund 6.5 – He often proposes himself in his favorite lane and more than once tries the play in the middle. His assist made it 2-0.

Distinguished 5 – Negative match wasted a sensational opportunity, inaccurate in two other attempts and too much frenzy which however produced the opposite effect. He is replaced in the second half. (Gomes 6 – He enters the field in a quiet phase of the match and manages the few balls that come to him).

Brunori 6.5 – Dangerous on the left, the most dangerous crosses come from his feet. And Diakité’s goal came from one of his actions. (From the 78′ Mancuso SV).

Soleri 6 – He bumps shoulders with Ghilardi, generous when not in possession but less brilliant than usual. (From 78′ By Francesco SV).

Coach Michele Mignani 6.5 – It wasn’t easy to prepare for this match after the fluctuating performances of the last period: he puts his trust in his best men and it pays off.

Stankovic 6 – Pirlo often shouts at him because he is not happy with how he starts the action, but he foils the 1-0 with an excellent save on Soleri. He can do nothing on Diakité’s network.

Little ones 6 – Suffers when Palermo throws itself forward, tries to present itself in the offensive phase but without important results. (From 56′ Benedict 6 – He tries some interesting crosses which however are not finalized).

Gonzalez 6 – He often moves forward, tries to cross into the middle on several occasions but is unable to be precise.

Ghilardi 6.5 – Monumental in the defensive phase, the Rosanero attackers never escape him. Quality and quantity for a truly interesting young man.

Depaoli 6 – Most of the vertical shots start from his feet, he often tries to put it in but he too lacks precision. (From 55′ Stojanovic 6 – He enters the game well and tries to make himself dangerous in the offensive phase).

Ricci 6 – Less brilliant than usual in his area of ​​the pitch, he tries to start the action but always in a predictable way. (From 75′ Kasami SV).

Yepes 6 – He too, like Ricci, struggles to set up the game in a fluid manner. A little cynical in the last passage.

Jordan 5.5 – at times anonymous, he struggles like his teammates and is unable to be incisive. (From 55′ Barreca 5.5 – He is unable to enter the race in the best way, not very incisive).

Borini 6 – He tries the extra dash but is often closed down early by the Rosanero rearguard.

Esposito 5.5 – He often tried to start the action even by backing away from his position, generous but not very concrete.

De Luca 5.5 -He finds Lucioni on his side and the experience of the Rossoneri defender can be felt: he never manages to impose himself.

Coach Andrea Pirlo 6 – An undertaking was needed which failed. He had the merit of reaching the playoffs but this evening he could have tried a few more solutions during the match in progress. However, it remains a positive year given how the season started.