Palermo, Mignani: “It was the most important match, we couldn’t speculate. Bari? Parenthesis closed”

The Palermo coach Michele Mignani spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports after the 2-0 success against Sampdoria: “These are matches in which you cannot think of speculating on the result, the boys had the right attitude and it was clear that they wanted to play this which was the most important match of the our championship given that it was inside or outside. The boys played well while also knowing how to suffer against a strong team like Sampdoria.”

Mignani then focuses on Diakité’s brace: “He was good at capitalizing on the two opportunities, kicking well in the first case and finishing the action well in the second.”

Finally, a question about his past at Bari, which the coach shows he doesn’t like very much: “I wouldn’t like to talk about that situation, it’s a closed parenthesis. I had a good time there and I’m tied to the club, but now I’m thinking about Palermo and it’s right that Let’s talk about this.”