Napoli’s report cards – Kvara powerful and elegant, Politano deserved more. Rrahmani gores

Final result: Fiorentina-Napoli 2-2

Meret 6 – Warmed up by Beltran, the trajectories designed by Biraghi and Nzola beat him without any real fault. For the rest some basic repertoire saves.

Mazzocchi 6 – He begins cautiously, worrying about not losing Kouame, then his performance grows, especially in the second half. The total is a full pass.

Rrahmani 7 – He wriggles away from Quarta’s mark with strength and skill and heads home the first goal of the evening. He risks serving an encore in the second half, out of nowhere.

Ostigard 6 – Rough in tackling and in the air, he manages to be effective in finding goals. Errors limited to a minimum, reasonable attention overall.

Olivera 6 – Nico Gonzalez is a difficult customer to manage both from the air and when the ball is on the ground, he decides to sacrifice the offensive phase so as not to be surprised.

Zambo Anguissa 6 – Not infrequently, with or without the ball, he manages to project himself into the opponent’s penalty area. Fairly constant presence in both phases of the game.

Lobotka 5.5 – Naive when he touches his hand outside his area: from the free kick the score is 1-1 for Viola. He risks causing a penalty at the end, VAR judges him innocent.

Cajuste 5.5 – He remains quite out of the way in the build-up phase, however he has a couple of shooting opportunities which he doesn’t exploit, always kicking with little conviction.

Politano 6.5 – The cross with which he assists Rrahmani is beautiful, much less the error that opens the way to Nzola’s 2-1. Always lively, he also hits the pole: he deserved more.
From 76′ Ngonge sv.

Simeone 5.5 – Formerly on duty, at Franchi he had been a source of tears for Napoli, today he hopes to be able to give something back. He works hard to make it happen but does little to materialize.
From 76′ Raspadori sv.

Kvaratskhelia 7 – Already lively in the first half, he is the most lively of the Azzurri attackers. And at the beginning of the second half he invents the 2-2 with a powerful and elegant free kick.
From 86′ Lindstrom sv.

Francesco Calzona 6 – Winning in Florence to keep alive the remaining hopes of winning a place at least in the next Conference League: in the first twenty minutes it seems like a Napoli on a special mission, which leaves nothing, but then in two minutes they are overturned by Fiorentina. In the second half he returns to parity thanks to the magic of Kvaratskhelia, postponing the certainty of not being able to reach Europe.