Municipality of Naples, Simeone: “There is not a shred of project for Maradona or Bagnoli”

Nino SimeonePresident of the Infrastructure, Mobility and Civil Protection Commission of the City Council of Naples, commented on De Laurentiis’ words on the future of Maradona in the press conference: “As usual, the good De Laurentis changes his mind and indulges in incorrect declarations in confrontations with the Mayor and the Municipality of Naples. The truth is there for all to see: currently there is not a shred of a project to build a stadium by SSC Napoli, neither in Fuorigrotta, nor in Bagnoli, nor in the crater of Vesuvius. , nor in the center of the Gulf of Naples. When De Laurentis talks about it, he never quantifies the investment he would like to make available to build it from scratch or to renovate the Maradona.

One thing is certain: theoretically, since it will be necessary to prepare a serious project, with an adequate financial plan, the amount should not be less than 200 million euros for the redevelopment of the Maradona, to which the value of the stadium should then also be added, which it is around 100 million, more or less like the Meazza in Milan. Otherwise, don’t waste any more of our time!

We will work, or rather, we are already working with the Government and with the organizers of Euro 2032 to restructure our Maradona for the European Championships, with or without private partners, from whom in any case we expect objective feedback… not colorful declarations. As regards the site where the sports center will be built, the proposal for the former Capodichino mental hospital still remains valid, which could easily be granted to De Laurentiis by President De Luca. Strange, however, that he did not grant him the Collana stadium, owned by the Campania Region. A sports facility of approximately 25 thousand m2, “within reach” of De Luca, which among other things has been undergoing redevelopment interventions in recent months”