Milan, Pioli: “It’s difficult to judge Allegri from afar. Last days here? I try not to think about it”

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Stefano PioliMilan coach, is present at the press conference starting at 1.30pm to answer journalists’ questions on the eve of the match between Torino and Milan, valid for the 37th matchday of Serie A and scheduled for tomorrow at 8.45pm at the stadium ” Olimpico – Grande Torino”.

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How do you motivate players to achieve goals?

“It was finally a good week, because we hadn’t won for a long time… We are more serene and I believe that serenity can help us perform at our best tomorrow, so I expect a level performance also due to the desire we have to finish well the championship”.

What type of Milan will we see?

“Theo didn’t train today as he had a flu attack, so I’ll see if he can recover in time for tomorrow. If I succeed, I’ll let everyone play in these last two games.”

How are you experiencing what could be your last days at Milanello?

“Who? Giroud and Kjaer? (laughs, ed.). I try not to think about it. Then I’ll meet with the club at the end of the season, we’ll make our assessments. Until then I’ll try to be focused on helping the team, then eventually I’ll know certain emotions living them.”

How does Allegri comment on the affair?

“It’s always difficult to judge from afar. Allegri has won a lot, he’s a great coach. We know that for the role we have we have to manage certain types of expectations and pressures. Then all the things in our environment are always exaggerated, the compliments like the criticism”.

A vote for you and the team?

“No. We certainly had a better championship than last year, but a worse Europe than last year.”

Do you feel protected by your managers?

“I have always had a great relationship with the Club and it will be like this until the end, then everyone does what they have to do.”