Matrecano: “Parma and Como destined to remain in A. Bari for a long time? 90′ from the abyss”


The prosecutor Luigi Matrecano interviewed by during the usual column The agent’s voice he also spoke about Serie B, focusing on the two promoted teams and the play out between Bari and Ternana.

Parma and Como in Serie A. What prospects do they have?
“Both have very financially strong owners. They will have important projects, the objective will be to remain in Serie A, safely save themselves and perhaps raise the bar depending on how the season goes. They are destined to remain in the top category for many years. he knows better, but I can assure you that Como also has a high level of planning in 4-5 years, they will try to get to the Champions League and win a Scudetto.

Bari competed in Serie A last year, now they risk Serie C.
“Sorry for the year, they didn’t deserve to play for the playout. They have a useful result, the victory. It’s been a season with too many coaching changes, they’re 90 minutes from the abyss, a place like that. You have to stay on track, work , build competitive squads”.