Matrecano: “Gasperini perfect for Napoli, Palladino for Fiorentina. Allegri? Normal dismissal”

TMW exclusive

The prosecutor Luigi Matrecano interviewed by during the usual column The agent’s voice talked about tonight’s game between Florentine And Naples: “It will be a fundamental match for Calzona’s team, which must win both matches to qualify for the Conference. The Viola are much better than the Azzurri from a mental and physical point of view, so it won’t be easy for the Neapolitans. It will then be understood the future which is a question mark”.

Do you think Fiorentina has a better chance of winning the Conference than last season?
“Absolutely yes, they will play a great match and I hope with all my heart that they can win it. I see a team that is doing well.”

Conte, Gasperini, Pioli and Italiano. Who would you see best as Napoli coach?
“The perfect coach for next season for Napoli is Gasperini, who is a master, he teaches football. There are gaps, especially in defense and he could be the right one to put things right. If I instead think about De Laurentiis, who already wanted Conte… He’s been out for a while, but he’s a winner. The problem is the salary, he’s not satisfied, he makes important demands, he wants guarantees from the club. For me, Gasperini or even Italiano will win , who I don’t think will continue at Fiorentina. He could also be the future of Napoli due to the way he makes his teams play. I see him as more distant.”

Who would you take on the market as the new Kim?
“For me, De Laurentiis would like to take Kim back, he’s the president’s passion. There’s talk of Quarta and I think he’s ready. Even the price tag shouldn’t be too expensive. Pacho could also be an idea for the future, I don’t think it’s one bet, he did very well. Finally I also think about Buongiorno, which however is more difficult due to the cost. Napoli must take at least two back there.”

How does Atalanta reach the Europa League final?
“With very strong motivations, having lost the Italian Cup final. His mental condition will allow him to play a great match, but Leverkusen are strong and are coached by a very good coach. The Goddess could easily win, I would also be happy for Gasperini , who cannot lift a cup”.

Who should Milan focus on to replace Giroud between David, Sesko and Zirkzee?
“Currently, to have more security, I would take Zirkzee. Sesko is very strong, there are several Italian and foreign clubs interested in him, he has done well. David is a name that has been circulating for a year… It won’t be easy because in Serie A a lot of people have to take the striker.”

Where will Palladino coach next season?
“He did very well, I would see him doing well at Fiorentina. He and Italiano play almost the same way, with the results he achieved in Monza he has shown that he can aspire to Europe and big clubs. He could be perfect for Fiorentina. But maybe he has already talked to someone…”.

Parma and Como in Serie A. What prospects do they have?
“Both have very financially strong owners. They will have important projects, the objective will be to remain in Serie A, safely save themselves and perhaps raise the bar depending on how the season goes. They are destined to remain in the top category for many years. knows better, but I can assure you that Como also has a high-level plan, in 4-5 years they will try to get to the Champions League, win a championship… They will certainly have to sort out their squads.”

Is Venezia favored in the playoffs?
“I would pay attention to Catanzaro, I followed them a lot and they have a very good coach in Vivarini. They play by heart, he faces any opponent head-on and can have his say. Venezia, however, came very close to Serie A and will have their say. As well Sampdoria can cause trouble and get to the bottom.”

Bari competed in Serie A last year, now they risk Serie C.
“Sorry for the year, they didn’t deserve to play for the playout. They have a useful result, the victory… It’s been a season with too many coaching changes, they’re 90 minutes from the abyss, a place like that… We have to stay on track, working, building competitive squads.”

Allegri was sacked by Juventus.
“It’s also normal for what happened, it was in the air.”