Massimiliano Allegri leaves as one of the most successful Juventus players of all time

The official announcement has arrived. Massimiliano Allegri leaves as one of the most successful Juventus players of all time. And this, despite the bad ending with which the marriage with the black and white colors ends, remains a fact. With the last Italian Cup just won, last May 15th, Allegri won a total of twelve trophies as Juventus coach: 5 championships, 2 Super Cups and 5 Italian Cups. In the tally, even if he doesn’t make any palmares, there are also two lost Champions League finals, perhaps the biggest regret of the whole adventure with Juventus.

420 benches
So, we were saying, twelve trophies won and 420 benches: in eight years, divided into two cycles, Massimiliano Allegri wrote part of the history of Juventus. Of the now historic nine championships in a row, Allegri put his signature on the five from 2014 to 2019. Furthermore, with the last Italian Cup, he also became the coach with the most victories in the competition.

The two cycles
But how are the 12 trophies divided? Five years of the first cycle against three of the second, eleven trophies against only one, the Italian Cup of 15 May, in fact. Allegri should have sat on the Juventus bench for another season: the early termination of the relationship thus denies him from participating in the next Super Champions League and above all in the Club World Cup in the summer of 2025. All things considered, however, in what is However, in his last season on the Juventus bench he returned to winning ways, bringing a trophy back to Continassa after three years and closing as he had opened, winning.