Marocchino to RBN: “Allegri is unjustifiable, as a Tuscan he should have used irony”

Guest of “Cose di Calcio” on Radio Bianconera, Domenico Marocchino he spoke about Juventus’ performance against Atalanta in the Italian Cup: “He played a great match, but unlike what those who don’t understand much about football may think, it’s not like if you play a match like this you can always do it. It is the average performance that gives the value of the team and in my opinion as a potential value, Juve this year has done even more than it could have done. It is a team that does not have the potential of Milan and Inter. Going back to the match, I think Atalanta got there with the belief of winning, they probably expected to find Juventus on their knees.

The arbitrage? I didn’t like it at all, what he didn’t give to Vlahovic was a lifelong penalty. Among the individuals, I really liked Nicolussi Caviglia, he knows the passing lines well and when he comes off he comes off calmly, he certainly could have been used a little more in the season, even if his is a difficult role, often covered by already mature players who have moved there from another position, such as Pirlo or Pjanic, to name two former Juve players.”

Marocchino then comments on Allegri’s outburst after the match, which cost the coach his job: “Allegri had to swallow a lot of bitter pills, even if this doesn’t justify it. As a Tuscan at that moment he should have looked for a bit of irony in his answers, but I understand that it wasn’t easy because in the last two years he has had to put up with a series of difficult things”.