Liverpool, Klopp in favor of abolishing VAR: “Not for the tool, but for those who use it”

In England there is discussion about the possibility of abolishing VAR. Premier League clubs will vote next month on whether or not to abolish VAR from next season. He won’t vote Jurgen Klopp, about to leave Liverpool at the end of the season. But on the eve of his last match at Anfield as manager of the Reds he spoke about it at the press conference.

Klopp would gladly abolish VAR. But not for technology, but for those who govern it. “It’s definitely not right how they use it, I would vote against it. These people are not able to use it properly. The problem is not VAR, but since you can’t change people I would vote in favor of eliminating VAR,” he said in conference.

On Leijnders, his collaborator who moved to Salzburg.
“He’s a fantastic coach, one of the most influential I’ve had. We’ve created a style of play that I love. Talented, full of energy. I will follow each of your steps. An excellent choice by the Salzburg managers, they are very lucky. We have lived together for 8 years and we are all very grateful. They will all be fine and I will look after them.”