Lazio Women, Eriksen: “A was the only objective. It was a revenge to have achieved it”

TMW exclusive

A last-gasp challenge, but in the end it was there Lazio Women to prevail and reach that goal which was narrowly missed last year, the promotion to Serie A. Among the protagonists of this long ride, which ended last May 11th, there was certainly the Danish midfielder Louise Eriksen, who joined the Biancoceleste in the summer of 2022, a year after his brother Christian left Inter. Afraid of parallels? Absolutely not, the footballer, who doesn’t want to talk about her brother, has carved out her space with excellent performances, and exclusively in commented on what was the year of the Capitolines.

This year you started a very heated fight with Parma and Ternana for Serie A. When did you realize you could win?
“We had confidence from the start of the season, because promotion was the only goal, and it didn’t matter which team we faced. Certainly the way we played throughout the year, and especially against the strongest teams , made it clear that we were ahead of everyone and that we could conquer Serie A.”

Last year the dream was dashed in the play-off. Is this promotion a bit of revenge for you?
“Yes, winning this year was a sort of revenge. Last year there was great regret for how it went, and for this reason too I am happy to have won this championship.”

What are the merits of Mister Grassadonia?
Over the last ten months we have grown as a team, thanks to the coach. Grassadonia has brought new ideas for us players, a game system that I really like: we have become a better team and better footballers.”

For her this is the first experience away from home. How is it in Rome and Lazio?
I love being here in Rome and at Lazio. It’s a pleasure to be here. I feel comfortable in every aspect, I’m having fun.

Which partner surprised you the most this season?
I was impressed by the team as a whole and how they were able to work together to achieve the goal. We really became a very cohesive group.

What did Adami bring to January?
“Greta arrived to give the midfield even more competitiveness and she did it well. She contributed to keeping the level of training high, so that we had to give our best during the various sessions and then be chosen to play at the weekend.”

For you, football is a family matter, your brother is former Inter player Christian Eriksen. How did your passion for this sport arise?
“My passion for football comes from my parents, they also played since they were children and they passed on their love for the sport to both me and my brother. Yes, I would say it’s really a family matter!”.