Fiorentina, Italian: “De Laurentiis behaved like a gentleman, my esteem has grown”

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23.02 – In a little while Vincenzo ItalianoFiorentina coach, will speak at a press conference after the 2-2 draw against Napoli.

11.19pm – The press conference begins.

Heading to Athens already? The Curve one might say.
“The fans have given us a further boost. Our thoughts are turned to Athens even if we have Cagliari first. We wanted to win and secure 8th place, the draw keeps everything alive and in these two rounds we still have to score points. I know that Fiesole is preparing everything that needs to be prepared for Athens… We are already thinking about that commitment but before we move on to Cagliari it will be important for us.”

More satisfied or regretful?
“The objective was to win, so as to have the mathematical possibility of closing everything for 8th place. We will have to go to Cagliari to fight for a result. After the 2-1 I hoped we could hit Napoli again but we didn’t take advantage In the end it was a fair draw. I can judge the possible penalty instead.”

Was today a sort of dress rehearsal for Olympiacos?
“To get the ball out better we must not make mistakes in dribbling. And instead with those we allowed Kvara and Anguissa to intercept us and restart: in a final it shouldn’t happen, we must not make mistakes or expose the side. However, we will have several days to prepare the strategy against Olympiacos, a team that is waiting for your mistake to hurt.

Has Nzola unblocked?
“I’m happy, he’s much better than a few weeks ago. Today I chose him because Belotti isn’t well, he’s not at 100% and he hadn’t trained with the group except for the last two training sessions. It’s right to reward Nzola and he was good at repay the trust by scoring with the right foot. Between Arthur’s goal, Biraghi scoring from a free kick and Nzola with the right foot, let’s see if the wind is starting to push towards Florence and give us a hand, he has played a good game, he can do even better.”

De Laurentiis said yesterday that he wanted it. And for the summer?
“I didn’t hear the president’s words, but in my opinion he meant that when he called the company and they didn’t allow him to contact me, at that point he backed out. The rest is unknown, but for me it went like this. He behaved like a gentleman, the respect I have for ADL is enormous and this has increased it. After losing those two finals and arriving in a third, now the only thing on my mind is La the final will be the match of matches but in the meantime there is a championship to safeguard.”

Is there a trainer for attackers in particular on your staff?
“This year too we have a very large percentage of chances created but we have created few of them. When we want to take control of the match, we know that those situations can be created. We prepare everything analytically, then if we raise concreteness and quality we win matches As has been happening in this last period. We have lost Sottil who scored every ball he touched, we are also starting to score with the midfielders. We are one of the teams that sends the most men to score, because we are looking for him.”

11.29pm – The press conference ends.