Double Diakite and Palermo goes: Samp eliminated. Now for the rosanero there is Venezia

A brace from Diakité between the two halves was enough for Palermo to beat Sampdoria and reach the semi-finals of the Serie B play-offs where Venezia was waiting for them.

Live and heated match at the Barbera between two teams – Palermo and Sampdoria – who compete openly, creating opportunities, but also granting something to their opponents. A back-and-forth that begins in the 8th when Insigne tries the precision dish, sending it just wide and continues with the incursion attempts of De Luca and Borini which however do not frighten the Rosanero rearguard much despite some trouble especially when called Desplanches is involved and he has to do his best to avoid the pressure of his opponents and throw the ball back.

The best opportunities, however, came from the Rosanero with Soleri who in the 34th header challenged Stankovic to the rebound and then Diakité who at the end of the first half found the net with an outside shot following a cross from Brunori which crosses almost the entire area without any Blucerchiati managing to clear the ball.

In the second half the Sicilians immediately doubled their lead once again with the right winger who cuts well inside the area on a cross from Lund and from two steps he beats Stankovic again. Sampdoria’s response came ten minutes later with Benedetti from distance calling Desplanches to deflect high. The match continues with the Blucerchiati trying, without too much precision, to reopen it, and the Rosanero controlling it and looking for the restart to definitively close the score: the best opportunities fall on the feet of Brunori and on the head of the former Kasami, but they are resolved with a nothing done. In the last minutes Palermo would also score the hat trick, but Di Francesco starts in an irregular position with the referee canceling it.

Palermo-Sampdoria 2-0
43′, 48′ Diakite