Do you know about horse racing? From the gabion to the short muzzle, Allegri’s cult phrases off the pitch

“With horses you just need to put the nose in front, not 100 metres. Photo, short nose, whoever loses with a short nose is second, whoever wins like this is first.” For anyone who is even a football fan, it is impossible not to recognize the author of this expression, apparently decontextualised from the world of football. After all, Massimiliano Allegri gave many iconic phrases in his eight years at Juventus. “Do you know about horse racing?”, we can all agree, is certainly the most famous one. It was the coach’s response to a journalist’s question after the defeat (2-1) in Ferrara against Spal in 2019 which postponed the championship celebration. From then on, the quotes and “memes” were wasted, at all latitudes and for the most disparate occasions.

Allegri, at Juventus, never hid himself. In fact, he took the spotlight most of the time. From the beginning. Allegri arrived at Juventus in 2015, he was greeted by boos from the fans who didn’t forgive him for his Rossoneri past, and he quoted a phrase from Fantozzi: “I can like it or not like it, like a ratfish”.

Before saying goodbye in 2019, Allegri dismissed the rumors that were circulating about his possible resignation: “With all the things that have been written, from my resignation to the arguments with the president, it seemed like we were on Scherzi a Parte. Otherwise the president and I would have to get together treated by serious doctors…”.

Allegri, in the press conference of his first farewell to Juventus, sent a clear message to Sarri who would succeed him: “There are players who win the Champions League, the championships, who are saved. Then there are those who never win and there will be a reason. In the cage in Livorno I only lost one tournament. There must be a reason. It’s all theory. Those who win are better than the others All”.

Horse racing, as mentioned, is Allegri’s other great passion besides football. Once the coach – now a former Juventus player – was asked if there were any similarities between horses and footballers, Allegri replied like this: “Many, in fact I sent Benatia to the meadow. Because horses, after they win for a while, are sent to the meadow to rest”. A statement in full Allegri style, as he has always accustomed us to in recent years.