Capello defends Allegri: “In recent years there has been almost exasperated targeting”

Fabio Capello analyzed the situation of Juventus and Massimiliano Allegri during an interview given to ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’: “The criticisms about him were already there when he won, but in recent years they have become an almost exasperated target practice. The truth is that his career speaks for him, Allegri is someone who deserves respect. His reaction at the end of the match It surprised me because clearly it wasn’t a simple competitive fit, but was hiding something deeper.”

It’s still: “With the arrival of Giuntoli in the club the atmosphere changed and he felt this, realizing day after day that the rumors concerning him were true, and then, with a cup in his hands, the pride. Juve this year were inferior to Inter and also to Milan.”

On the future of Juventus, this is Capello’s thoughts: “The other evening I saw a compact Juve, attentive in defense as in the first part of the season, ready to win the ball back and start again as the coach asked and with a center forward who did what he had to do: Vlahovic was perfect. having won something for players who had never done it represents an important step because when you start winning you acquire a different approach, however, to raise the level the club will be forced to invest: three or four great players are needed.”