Buffon: “My dream was to win the scudetto with Parma. Happy for the promotion”

Go back to talking Gianluigi Buffon. The former 2006 World Champion was awarded today at Parma with the ‘Seal of the City’ at the Paganini Auditorium. On the sidelines of the event he released some statements about his adventure in the ducal club. Here is an excerpt collected by ParmaLive.com: “In my opinion, being built in a certain way and dealing with situations the way I do has helped me a lot. I often make rankings on men, and often I don’t know whether to take intelligence, loyalty, then I see that the thing that strikes me most more in reality it is courage. I think for me it is the number one quality: more often than not the end of these courageous men is almost inglorious. They are heroes who often lose their battle and there will be no one next to them, but they will be remembered and exalted even more. They are those heroes who drive me crazy, they demonstrate that they have a senselessness but also an enormous loyalty, which translates into a courage that allows them to face incredible challenges. Sometimes I find myself in them too.

Parma’s recall was very simple. I hadn’t thought about it initially, then the sporting director started calling me around April and he asked me: “Would you come?”. I asked him why he had thought of it, on what basis. I said I might as well stop playing. Then over time this possibility grew, and I received messages from people in Parma. At a certain point I stopped while passing through Parma, there was the radio on and as I passed there was a song by Jovanotti, which I always heard when I went to the training field in Parma. I must say that, as if I had been bewitched, I thought it was like a signal, because I wanted to get excited again. Then my agent arrived and told me about Barcelona: I replied that I would be happy, because then I would be playing with Messi. It would have been a very nice career ending. But then I told him that I would have been even happier and with more self-esteem if I had gone to Parma. Also because Parma was in Serie B and perhaps needed someone like me. To clear my conscience, I preferred to go to Parma.”

Space, then, for a thought on the return to Serie A of the troop led by Fabio Pecchia: “I thought about the happiness of the people, the sigh of relief from the club, which really made a lot of efforts in terms of economics and energy. They needed this victory to give meaning to the project. Then I thought about the kids, because someone had I lived three years of suffering for this result that didn’t come, so I thought about them and their merits, who together with the staff was good at understanding what was needed I ended with a great disappointment: not having made it through the playoffs with Cagliari was disappointing. However, I stopped with the belief that the team was on the launching pad, because the last months last year were convincing. I could therefore retire with peace of mind , because I was certain that no more bad impressions would be made. For me, Parma was a strong team but not the strongest, even if they demonstrated it on the pitch: there were teams that were better equipped on paper, and this was the case. makes everyone’s merits even greater.”