Banchini: “Alessandria had become like Beijing Express, there was always one”

TMW Radio

During the morning appointment of To All Ctransmission of TMW Radio dedicated to the world of Serie C, intervened Mister Marco Banchinifresh from the season with Alessandria, the first topic addressed by the coach: “I have a lot of respect for a place like that of the greys, it has had an important history, but I’ll get to the point. I had been contacted by the French part of the club, which then he didn’t take over the entire share package, and for me it was a challenge, because the situation wasn’t the most rosy, however, with the boys and the staff we righted the ship within two months, but then what I called began the Beijing Express, there was always one: but the players always fought, until seven days from the end when I came to a clash with the company top management, we could have done something, but the situation finance didn’t allow us to do it. However, I hope we find people who want to dress up and plan, because I like talking about football.”

So let’s go to the field, to the upcoming playoff challenges: who do you see as a revelation?
“I start from a logical reasoning, tomorrow there will be the second leg and then another six games for those who want to go to Serie B: this is the emblem of the difficulty of playing a playoff in the final phase. Having said that, Taranto’s Capuano is not dead yet, and the coach is no longer the one he was a few years ago who made order and structure his cornerstone, he has revised his tactical principles and created an explosive environment: the Vicenza match will be able give some surprises. The rossoblù remind me a lot of Baldini’s Palermo. And the other team that I see really well is Carrarese, I don’t know Calabro but I saw a series of really important matches that characterized the second round, solidity, squad. deep and a remarkable structure. Now he also has an advantage. Let’s pay attention to these two teams.”

The second teams of Juventus and Atalanta are also in the playoffs.
“In 2019 I faced Juve NG, Pecchia was there then, but the club has followed a path in which it has demonstrated that it has understood which profiles it could enhance in Serie C and which to send abroad. Atalanta, for the first year, is game with two gears ahead, I think that the director-coach duo, between Gatti and Modesto, made the difference in rocking these guys and making them interpret the category well. I think of Vlahovic, who started quietly but then exploded , also from a capital gains perspective, he has really important talents and has understood how to enhance the course. In Catania he will be able to be competitive, he has a proactive idea of ​​play, he entertains, he risks something but he also imposes his game on you.”

The only draw in the first legs was between Triestina and Benevento: who do you see as favourites?
“Benevento now has two results out of three, but I don’t think they will be conditioned by this. I see a team that when they wanted to accelerate put Triestina in difficulty, and I see the Samnites as favourites, also due to the squad they have: their championship Maybe it wasn’t easy, but in the difficulties they came together.”

Mantua, Cesena and Juve Stabia are the newly promoted teams: how do you rate them?
“I’ll tell you this anecdote: in 2021, when I coached Vis Pesaro, I scored 6 points with Lucchese, which I then see in the playoffs with Gubbio, where the Rossoneri exit, in the face of a dominated match: I got Pagliuca’s number to compliment him, it was clear that he would make his way. The coach deserved this miracle, a miracle for what Juve Stabia represented. I’ll go back to a concept though, when the director and coach share principles, everything is smoother in Mantua. And by the way, praise must be given to Possanzini, in my opinion he is ready for Serie A. There is also a lot of talk about Cesena di Toscano, a top-class coach who offers intense football, entrusted to three-four experts with young players which then make the difference.”