Atalanta defeated in the Italian Cup. Gastaldello: “But hats off to Gasperini’s work”

“Juve impressed me because they beat Atalanta with the characteristics of Gasperini’s team: intensity, competitive spirit, high pressure in the first twenty minutes. I feel sorry for Atalanta, because they have done great things so far. They have another final, I think that all of Italy must stand alongside Atalanta in the final in Dublin.” Thus to the microphones of Palla al Centro on Rai Radio 1 Sport Daniele Gastaldello, former defender with more than 300 appearances in Serie A with Sampdoria, Bologna, Brescia, Siena, on the Italian Cup final won by Juventus. With the black and white shirt he won the Viareggio tournament in 2003, the only trophy won by Gian Piero Gasperini, then coach of Juve’s Primavera team and now coach of Atalanta.

Vlahovic’s goal: “When there is a goal, there is the skill of the attacker and there is always an error behind it. In Atalanta’s game you have to take these errors into account: it’s a bit of a short blanket when you’re always looking for the advance and continually shorten forward. Even Mister Gasperini warned them of this type of error. We must take our hats off to Gasperini’s work, he has brought Atalanta to very high levels you go to Anfield to impose your game, does this mean that over the years you have built a winning mentality? He has qualities that other Atalanta players don’t have. Last night he lacked a bit of weight in the penalty area.”

That victory in 2003: “Gasperini remained that coach there, with those ideas and that mentality. I had him for a year in the Juve Primavera, then in Serie C and in Serie B at Crotone. He was an innovator because he played football of great intensity, during the week we trained hard. As a defender, he wanted the defenders to attack too, practically what you see now at Atalanta. But twenty years ago there weren’t many coaches who asked for it.”

On Allegri: “Coach Allegri is a winner. He may be liked or disliked, maybe he doesn’t make his teams play well. But he is a winner. This tension he had in the last minutes is because he wanted so much to win this cup. From the outside it is It’s easy to judge, you have to experience those emotions and sensations and it’s not easy to hold them back. Last night he didn’t hold anything back, but you could see the desire to win and lift the cup.”

Thiago Motta is the designated successor: “Thiago Motta had a stratospheric year at Bologna. If he were to go to Juve it would be a big leap: Bologna and Juventus are two very different realities, above all with very different pressures. It could be a step of growth for him too.”