Ascoli, Caligara will be one of those sacrificed: after over 100 appearances the midfielder says goodbye

One hundred and ten appearances, peppered with ten goals. This is the midfielder’s score Fabrizio Caligara from January 2021, when he was taken from the Cagliari ranks, until today with the Ascoli shirt. Three and a half seasons in which the class of 2000 was among the most positive, putting forward running, heart and determination, convincing the Marche club to transform the initial loan into a permanent purchase.

With relegation to Serie C, however, a new adventure awaits the midfielder wearing another shirt. As reported by in fact, the club will try to monetize his transfer to build a competitive team in Serie C to try to rise again.

“In the season just ended, Caligara didn’t shine, he was often sidelined due to physical problems and he always struggled to recover his condition. This year he only collected 27 tokens, often starting from the bench. He made 15 during the his first half year in black and white, 33 in the 21/22 season, 35 in the 22/23 season until the season just ended – we read on the black and white portal – Caligara’s path is declining but he has always been highly appreciated by the majority. of the fans always because of his deep attachment to the shirt.”