Apolloni on the fight for salvation: “Sassuolo, a miracle will be needed. Cagliari on Sunday without fear”

Interviewed by colleagues from TuttoCagliari.net, Luigi Apolloni spoke about the battle for salvation: “Sassuolo seems to me to be the worst team of all. They will have to perform a miracle, in conjunction with other favorable results. The others have their fate in their own hands, so everything will depend on their performances. I hope that Cagliari finally crosses the finish line: Ranieri, after all, knows well how to manage situations of this type.

It is a problem that can depend on many factors, certainly not on just one. It is difficult to give an answer from the outside: those who know the reasons for this trend and can try to remedy it are the coach, the club and obviously the players themselves. The performances against Milan and Genoa may have depended on a general relaxation or even, perhaps, on a small drop in physical condition. I believe that the coach, together with his staff, will analyze the team’s performance and try to avoid similar situations from happening again. However, at this moment I would leave aside the controversies and criticisms, which only generate anxiety and further problems, and I would focus on the last two matches, which are vital for Cagliari. Then at the end of the championship, with bowls stopped, all the necessary assessments and observations will be made, and conclusions will be drawn. But now it is essential to catalyze all the energies on the matches against Sassuolo and Fiorentina.

The match against Sassuolo? In fact, I don’t think that Cagliari should play this match aiming first and foremost not to take them. The rossoblù will not have to settle but, when they have the chance, they will have to try to get high on Sassuolo’s ball carriers: over the course of the season Nandez and his teammates have demonstrated several times that they have the technical characteristics to press their opponents and close them down. ‘corner. If they play like this I have no doubt that they will put Ballardini’s neroverdi in difficulty. Conversely, if they opted for an excessively wait-and-see strategy they would risk being subjected too much to the initiative of a team that will only have one result available on Sunday: victory