Venezia comes back from Cremonese: three points to still hope for Serie A. The highlights


A goal from Vasquez against Cremonese is not enough to bring home points from “Penzo”. Venezia takes home the big match on Friday evening and continues their quest for direct promotion to Serie A. After the grey-red advantage achieved by Mudo, Gytkjaer and Bjarkason scored in the second half for an important victory for Vanoli’s men.

Vanoli’s analysis
These are the words of Paolo Vanoli: “We were facing a strong team and they showed it. In the first half we lacked clarity and we felt this match too much. In the second half we went back to doing what we know and managed to turn the match around. Congratulations to my team.”

Stroppa’s words
“We deservedly took the lead – commented Giovanni Stroppa – shame about the draw on that occasion. Afterwards, a few gusts where we took risks, but we also created some opportunities. I think the ending was excellent, we believed in it and we absolutely deserved it We will do everything we can to secure third place even if Venezia is a little distant now. However, fourth place is also important in terms of the playoffs. In terms of attention, we will not give up one centimeter”.

Below are the highlights of the match.