Today on TV, Serie A: where to see the big match between Juventus and Milan

After last night’s advance, Serie A returns to the field with three matches: at 3.00pm Lecce-Monza, at 6.00pm the big match between Juventus and Milan, while tonight at 8.45pm the new Lazio coach Igor Tudor challenges his former team, Hellas Verona. Serie B is also played, with 4 matches at 2.00 pm and 4 matches at 4.15 pm. As for Serie C, the entire Group C takes to the field at 6.30pm on what is the last day of the regular season.
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12.30 Sampdoria-Pomigliano (women’s Serie A) – DAZN
1.30pm West Ham-Liverpool (Premier League) – SKY SPORT FOOTBALL, SKY SPORT 4K
2.00pm Parma-Lecco (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
2.00pm Brescia-Spezia (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
2.00pm Modena-Sudtirol (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
2.00pm Ternana-Ascoli (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
2.00pm Las Palmas-Girona (Liga) – DAZN
2.30pm Napoli-Como (women’s Serie A) – DAZN
3.00pm Lecce-Monza (Serie A) – DAZN, DAZN ZONE
3.30pm Leipzig-Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga) – SKY SPORT ARENA
16.00 Manchester United-Burnley (Premier League) – SKY SPORT UNO
16.15 Sampdoria-Como (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
4.15pm Palermo-Reggiana (Serie B) – D DAZN, SKY SPORT
16.15 Cosenza-Bari (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
4.15pm Cittadella-Feralpisalò (Serie B) – DAZN, SKY SPORT
16.15 Almeria-Getafe (Liga) – DAZN
18.00 Juventus-Milan (Serie A) – DAZN, DAZN ZONE
18.00 Fiorentina-Sassuolo (women’s Serie A) – DAZN
6.30pm Bayer Leverkusen-Stuttgart (Bundesliga) – SKY SPORT 4K
6.30pm Alaves-Celta (Liga) – DAZN
6.30pm Catania-Benevento (Serie C) – SKY SPORT UNO
6.30pm Avellino-Crotone (Serie C) – RAI SPORT, SKY SPORT FOOTBALL
6.30pm Juve Stabia-Picerno (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Casertana-Sorrento (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Latina-Taranto (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Potenza-Virtus Francavilla (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Monterosi-Foggia (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Audace Cerignola-Giugliano (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Monopoli-Messina (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Brindisi-Turris (Serie C) – SKY SPORT
6.30pm Chelsea-Barcelona (Women’s Champions League semi-final) – DAZN
19.00 Benfica-Braga (Portuguese Championship) – DAZN
8.45pm Lazio-Verona (Serie A) – DAZN, SKY SPORT FOOTBALL, SKY SPORT
9.00pm Aston Villa-Chelsea (Premier League) – SKY SPORT
9.00pm PSG-Le Havre (Ligue 1) – SKY SPORT
9.00pm Atletico Madrid-Athletic (Liga) – DAZN

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