Salernitana, Colantuono: “Many dubious episodes and a false result. The fans are not relegated”

“There is a feeling of bitterness for having lost with a three-goal difference despite not having seen any difference. We played a good match. As far as mathematics is concerned, it was only a question of time and no one was under any illusions. At times we had even better than Frosinone. I know Eusebio well, they are a team that I also like and that I respect, but the 3-0 annoys me because we created so many opportunities. I would also like to review some episodes, when you are last in the table you become the chick who is cornered and underdog. The referee did what he had to do, but many things didn’t convince me even more after reviewing the images. However, if we don’t throw it in we have to blame ourselves first and foremost the fans are two important components from which to start again, the public has not been relegated and I know that they have always given us a hand by guaranteeing presence at home and away, my experience leads me to say that, from years that start badly and end worse, you can build something beautiful. The ownership is solid, we have an audience that can drag us anywhere and this is a factor to make the most of.

We will, if necessary, carry out the analyzes internally when the time comes. It’s up to the management to make the assessments, a season like this can happen and the skill will be to plan to start again. Now we have to close the championship in a dignified manner. We have interesting young people, I would like to mention Tchaouna. It will be up to the president to understand who to reconfirm and who to give up. There are guys who have a market and who have worked well, regardless of their current ranking position. My mind must be all on Atalanta. We have to motivate ourselves, we don’t want to give anything away to anyone. We will accept the result, even if today I’m upset because the 3-0 doesn’t fit based on what I saw on the pitch.” These are the words of the Salernitana coach to DAZN Stefano Colantuono.