Rain threatens the Inter party. Inzaghi, you sent Milan into a tailspin

Wet Scudetto, lucky Scudetto? Yes, but at a certain point that’s enough. After celebrating the success over Milan in the rain, theInter the first home outing as Italian champions. The match against Torino will be the Nerazzurri’s first showcase Simone Inzaghi, who are ready to embrace their audience after the match. A long route of around 5 km, to be covered almost at walking pace considering that the expected duration is almost five hours, will in fact accompany Lautaro and his companions from San Siro to Piazza Duomo, the historic theater of Milanese celebrations. It is logical that the water that has been pouring over Milan for days could instill some doubts, even if at the moment it is filtering from Viale della Liberazione that the program is confirmed.

Rungs on tilt. “Congratulations are easier if you win,” replied the coach Milan to a question that is actually quite “normal”. True in general, it’s a pity that the target was wrong: on social media they appeared in a dwarf according to the compliments of Simone Inzaghi, fresh from losing the scudetto, to Pioli himself two years ago. Time, they say, is a gentleman. Beyond the coach, who hears music from the end of the empire resonating around him, the feeling is that the end of the season went sideways for the whole of Milan. A sort of tilt that extends to the choice of the future coach, in a decision-making process that from afar seems to be prey to the various souls of Portello. The strength of Inter and Inzaghi, vice versa, was precisely that of accepting and swallowing the bitter pill, preparing with serenity – as much as possible – the future.

The unlikely formations. It almost makes sense to define them like this, Inter’s starting eleven between now and the end of the championship. The stoppage of Acerbi, who with the scudetto still at stake would have gritted his teeth as in the last few games, is however a fairly clear indication: apart from the desire to honor what remains of the championship, everyone will start thinking about the European Championships now imminent.