Pioli’s assessment between Inter and Juve: “I would give everything to change the derby, now we defend 2nd place”

Stefano PioliRossoneri coach, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the big match between Juventus and Milan, valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A. Below are his most important statements.

In the important period of April there is also the match against Juventus...
“It absolutely has to be like this, also unfortunately due to the recent negative results. The focus must be on finishing second. It’s been a difficult 10 days.”

What days were they?
“It’s easy, in quotes, because we can’t stop at these disappointments that we have suffered and that we have given to these fans, so we necessarily have to have the desire, the redemption, to remain compact and the desire to win matches up to the championship. We suffer from these situations, but we have a duty to get back up.”

What is needed against Juventus?
“We will have to fight, give our all, as if it were the last match: be focused, determined. We want to defend second place.”

Is Inter stronger?
“Inter have had the strongest team in the championship for four years and have only won two championships. We’ve never had that, we won a championship, but we gave everything, even though we weren’t able to raise our level of play “.

What’s the point of these last games?
“We want to demonstrate who we are, that we are Milan.”

How do you rate these 5 years as positive or negative?
“There has been no middle ground in these 5 years, either positive or negative. If I could change the result of the derbies I would give everything I have, but it can no longer be done. I for one have to have broad shoulders. It was a strong pain to see the opponents celebrate”.

Why didn’t you come to the conference on Monday?
“I didn’t want to not give the conference, but it was the company’s choice. I have always assumed my responsibilities, otherwise I would have remained silent until the end of the season.”

How will he motivate the team?
“It’s simple: it’s up to us to show that we can finish the season well. If we think of facing the next matches without motivation it would be a serious mistake: I know my players and I know they won’t make it.”

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