Napoli insists on Buongiorno: contact with Torino, starting from 40 million

Fill Kim’s void with Alexander Good morning. This is the strategy developed by Naples, considering the precise gap in Francesco Calzona’s squad – at least for the moment. According to what was revealed by The Corriere dello Sportthe 24 year old is the favorite name in the blue team and the management has already discussed it with the Turincard holder.

An official contact – we read – to start the negotiation for the player who has also bewitched Milan and Inter in the championship, so obviously we start from a base of assessment minimum of 40 million euros. With a basic awareness: already in January he tried the coup, but Toro declined the offer and took him off the market. In June, however, the air of a market auction is predicted given that also in Premier League I like it, and a lot.