Naples, desire and application also under discussion: yet another attack from Calzona

For Napoli, the lead-up to the match against Roma is longer and more exhausting than expected. In Empoli the dispute mainly concerned the team for the first time, Francesco Calzona’s words did the rest and yesterday, before the start of the training camp in a hotel in the Caserta area, the Napoli coach reiterated the accusations against the team still with even more firmness and depth. “The coach wanted to talk to the journalists and the club is only happy with this”, the clarification of the communications manager in introducing the press conference of Francesco Calzona who evidently has not digested his team’s latest releases and relies on also to public exposure of the situation to try to shake up the group and seek a reaction.

There is no desire to win and not to concede goals
Francesco Calzona’s words are clear, in the wake of the last two post-match statements in which he accused the players of not being a team and not having a spirit of sacrifice even just to create density behind the ball line: “I take responsibility, but they are the ones who go on the pitch and I hope that pride comes out. With Roma I want to see players who chase their opponents with anger, the thing that has been missing lately, I want to see character, the desire to win the match”, the debut. from Calzona who is even more specific: “We lack the desire not to concede goals, it doesn’t just depend on the defenders, but on the team. They can’t help but hold themselves responsible, in Empoli I saw a lack of desire to win for the first time. it’s a question of tactics, but of attention, the desire to go beyond the mistake and make a run.