Marocchino: “If Juventus plays badly, they win. With the Italian Cup and 3rd place in the season by 7.5”

The former footballer Domenico Marocchino spoke to Football stuff on Radio Bianconera focusing on Juventus’ season and the upcoming Italian Cup final with Atalanta:

“At the beginning of the season, despite not playing well, with a lot of criticism, the team was winning, then they tried to change and something broke. At this point we hope to play very badly in the Italian Cup final but win it. Atalanta would deserve to win a trophy, but I hope they lose the Italian Cup and win the Europa League. This year, in my opinion, at a certain point the team suffered from the many criticisms of their good game, they tried to change something and they made a mistake.”

So a more general opinion on the season and the strength of the team:
“If this Juventus plays badly, they win. They are a team that is always in difficulty but if they don’t find themselves they can hold up, they are a working team. If they bring home the Italian Cup and a third place for me it’s a 7.5 season. Allegri’s contribution? Considering the problems of the club, he has done a lot in recent years also because he didn’t have a Marotta or a Moggi next to him, perhaps because he lived his first year in Turin and needed to settle in, he didn’t never put in the spotlight.”